Apple Music API

Apple Music now available in 3rd Party Apps

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Gabriel Lewis
@gabriel__lewis · 🤔
Hopefully someone uses this to make a better app for Apple Music 😂🎵
Mathew Huusko V
@mhuusko5 · Consumer of music. Creator of software.
All aboard the hype train! ;) In reality this is nothing more than a slight marketing push/update, I'd guess for "Apple Music Toolbox" (a tool/extension of their affiliate program). The "API" they speak of is functionality that has existed since iOS 4 – the ability to 1) read the user's music library (this used to be just local content, but expanded to iCl… See more
Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
I'm curious: why now? Spotify and SoundCloud have supported this for a long time, embedded within so many products.
@bdotwaller · serial app-downloader
Pacemaker App let's go
Deandre Durr☀️
@dredurr · Growth Hacker
This is going to be HUGE!!😳