Apple Files

File manager for iOS 11

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carlos garcia
@androidlove · Co-Founder, Internet Missionaries
Wow fanboy post, maybe should post the macos calculator update also...
Chrissy Collins
Google Drive is serving me well. I own an iPhone and Macbook but I am trying to get myself out of Apples caged ecosystem and try and use cross platform services more. I will try my hardest to avoid using this for anything serious. Apple are playing catch up with the industry, it's a shame but it's true.
Steven Hambleton
@stinhambo · Founder, Emailancer
I have a file manager called Dropbox...
Paul Hart
@snakecharmer · Founder @ Roamlocal.co
I'm looking at a replacement down the line for my Macbook Air. Not an Apple diehard by any means so will review an Ipad Pro against a Surface also... that said, if Files can give me a native file interface for my Dropbox and Google Drive instances then that's a solid win.