Apple Faces

Custom designs for your Apple Watch

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Dimo Trifonov
Dimo TrifonovHiring@denull · Founder of @feeld
This just got me dreaming how cool the apple watch would have been with some particles bouncing around :)
Chris Overcash
Chris Overcash@covercash · @DonateStreams, @ProjectBurrito
@denull I wonder if it would be possible to fake particle effects using Apple's new Live Photo format.
Hanu Prateek Kunduru
Hanu Prateek Kunduru@hanuprateek · CTO
really love it
Dimo Trifonov
Dimo TrifonovHiring@denull · Founder of @feeld
@hanuprateek @denull YEAHH! But I was thinking something similar to this thing we've done for Nokia Asha Would be pretty cool, I feel pretty sad when apple is wasting time in creating Time-lapse watch faces, where they could create pretty stunning particle simulations with accelerometer and the heart rate sensor.
Stefan Poulos
Stefan PoulosMaker@spoulos
Hi Product Hunters! With the Apple Watch, I think there's an opportunity to connect the physical with the digital through design. That's why I made Apple Faces. A custom watch band should come with a matching digital watch face. This would REALLY come to life with custom bands and animated watch faces. Anyone want to partner/collab to make this happen?
Vignesh Selvasundar
Vignesh Selvasundar@nextgenguy · Managing Editor, Techzei
This is really cool! Thank You.
Kelly Wonderlin
Kelly Wonderlin@kellywonderlin · Kelly Wonderlin
Really great!