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Kevin Lowther
Tushar Tyagi
Alex Rossbach
  • Kevin Lowther
    Kevin LowtherJust Me, Kevin

    I've paid up for the premium service as I felt I didn't have time to do the same job in Photoshop. Looked pretty useful but its buggy.


    Its really quite buggy - it keeps losing the saved background images, doesn't scale them correctly and text positioining too rigid.

    I think I've said it all, thought this would save me a great deal of time but that is not going to be the case. I hate having to reload data that I've supposedly already saved. Why is "Save" a beta function? Guys nice concept but I'm going to have to ask for my money back and find a product that actually works without have to reload data, re-enter information and redo my work.

  • Tushar Tyagi
    Tushar Tyagirandom programmer, Earth

    Easy to use and lets you choose weather you have android or iphone. And then you can choose screenshot style which are shown clearly


    lots of features are pro

    looks neat. As I have no photoshop skills so I may be using it frequently.

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  • Pros: 

    Has the potential to be great, and the design looks good.


    Horribly buggy, a lot of options in Chrome are unresponsive and loading indicators are non-existent.

    I might be back if they were to invest in proper QA and fix all the issues. But for now I'm definitely look for a better product.

    Alex Rossbach has used this product for one day.