Create iOS & Android apps quickly without coding.

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Its a DIY app builder platform designed to help small businesses, individuals and agencies create mobile apps for iOS and Android devices quickly, without the need for any coding. They have over 20 modules that can be customized to suit any business type, from the most advanced food ordering system, geo-directory listing, product shopping, social media integration, quiz, gallery, form creator, custom content editor (with advanced html editing), loyalty points, stampcards, coupons, social integration and more... AppInstitute offers app promotion tools like a mobile app landing page to help get your app launched with added services like Advanced Push Notifications, Analytics and CRM services.
@kwdinc can i embed? Into my website?
@mariana_salcido Hi Marian. You can embed any page of your website into your app yes, but you can't embed an app tab into your website.
I just tried this. Love how easy it is to use. Great job guys!
@iambellegit Thanks for your feedback Belle :)
I had the pleasure of writing some copy for App Institute. While I'm not their target market (busy small business owners), I can say that their team is on the ball when it comes to customer support/success. I even created a fake account while writing copy to test whether their support team was as helpful and responsive as they claimed (they totally were). The technology takes centre stage, but their devotion to customer support deserves a little space as well! :)
@swaycopy ha very sneaky! Thanks so much Josh, glad we came through and was great working with you.
πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» Can't wait to try this.
@xanderschultz Please let me know what you think when you do :)
This is so cool! I always love the idea of creating apps but coding is not my cup of tea. Thanks for this! Who knows, I might just create the next app of the year :D Is it possible though, to implement a complex idea? Looking forward to your answer.
@maila246 Hey Shamaila. Thanks for your comment. We do have some pretty advanced business focused modules on the platform like Food Ordering and Geo Location Listings for example. You can also upload custom icons, link out to external URLS or insert custom HTML pages - so there's alot of room for creating something more complex. But if you're looking to create the next Instagram or Pokemon Go then this probably isn't the platform for you.... although you could create a multiple choice Pokemon Go quiz. Hope that answers your question. :) Let me know what you think.
@nabeenam Any on demand business focused modules?
@faisal_hassanx Hi Faisal. If there is high demand for a particular module we don't currently have we will always endeavour to try and include it on our product roadmap when developing new features. Saying that, we do also offer custom app development as a completely separate service so there is always the possibility of integrating the two if your budget allows. Hope that helps. :)
@nabeenam Thanks for your reply! You app is great for it's purpose, will definitely recommend to others :D
@maila246 Thanks so much Shamaila. Please reach out to me or our support team at anytime if you need any help with anything. :)