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Update React Native apps without re-submitting to Apple

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Hey hunters, my name is Matt and I'm the co-founder of AppHub along with @benthehtenten! Our goal with AppHub Deploy is to bring the speed of web deployment to mobile -- just `git push` to update your app. If you have any questions (or want to join our team and build awesome developer tools!) please email me at I'm also here to answer any questions you have :)
@m_arbesfeld @benthehtenten @apphub Hey Matt. I've been using AppHub for a while now. Is this `git push` stuff new? I couldn't find anything on my Settings page about it. Thanks.
@joshuapinter @benthehtenten @apphub Hey Joshua, right now you can `git push` to a CI service like Travis/CircleCI and then use your awesome CLI: :D! Eventually we'd like to integrate directly with BitBucket/GitHub and do building/testing/distribution in one platform, but it doesn't seem to be a huge priority for our customers right now.
@m_arbesfeld @benthehtenten @apphub This is so so so awesome - testing it out this weekend :)
Why wouldn't you want to go through the submission process with Apple? (Now it's 1-2 days and you can get expedited review if you have a valid reason) I think that the review process is essential to keeping the AppStore and its apps with a certain degree of quality and compatibility with HCI guidelines.
@piero_ruiz it's not just that the updates are applied immediately but you can also keep your current reviews. You can only use this for js code and images. If you change native code then you have to go through Apple.
@piero_ruiz That's not the point of AppHub. It's not a matter of getting around the submission process, which is still entirely necessary. AppHub only allows you to update the Javascript bundle and some other assets. Anything major will still need to be done through the submission process with Apple. What this allows you to do is, say, you find a small bug in your Javascript and you want to fix it without waiting 2 days. Now you can. Just make the fix and upload a new JS bundle with the "apphubdeploy" command. Your updated JS bundle will be delivered over the air to your users. Other uses for this are gradual rollouts of new JS features or doing A/B testing of features. You can group users and distribute different versions of the JS bundle based on their those groups. Plus, it's free up to 1,000 **daily** active users. No brainer if you ask me.
What has apple to say about this? Are they okay with developers bending "the law" to push app updates? And anyway now it only gets about 1-2 days to get the app verified and published on the App Store.
@vfdraganescu From the FAQ: Yes! Section 3.3.2 of the iOS Developer Program explicitly permits this "provided that code does not change the primary or advertised purpose of the Application as submitted to the App Store."
Interesting. It would be great if you could describe, more or less, how this works. i.e., how is the app able to push updates to the app without passing through the app store.
@danflopes Hey Daniel, AppHub Deploy works by swapping out the JavaScript code that's running in your React Native app. When you push an update to our servers, our mobile client downloads the code and uses the new version the next time the user opens the app.
If you're using AppHub, you will want to be using the AppHub Deploy CLI by @joshuapinter to build and deploy right from the command line! #simple
@irfaan You definitely should. is so incredible to use that I wanted an easier way to deploy from the command line so I made AppHubDeploy: