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This is great! I've been using gifrocket and gifbrewery but this looks very simple. Only thing I would say is that I would rather have this as a native application that I can run on my machine. There is no real reason to upload a video to the web just to download a gif.
@joe_blau Yep, that would be helpful to have something on my machine to quickly put these out. It would speed up the process if you're using this regularly for tutorials or articles.
@joe_blau yeah you're right. i just needed to convert a mp4 into the gif format.. and did it locally with ffmpeg + imagick. so i thought why not spend a hour and put it online :)
@narekk @joe_blau what would you think of maybe a dropbox integration?
hey guys! i'm the creator of appgif.io, and i like that you like it :D its in a real tiny mvp state atm. hit me with every feedback you might have :)
@arminulrich Hi Man, I've been looking for such a thing for a very long time! Very very nice. I have one suggestion: you should explain that the user has to upload a video, that's currently not on your website.
@samuelbeek yeah you're right.. added a simple one liner for now ;)
@arminulrich Would be cool to provide an easy way to put these into mockups like https://placeit.net/. The only way today is to use AE.
@ldesserrey wow, a really neat idea! i have to look into this
@arminulrich It's a pain in the ass to create these animated mockups (https://dribbble.com/search?q=gi...). There might be a simplest way. It's unfortunately not possible on PS and Sketch. FYI, here is the most used AE mockup on Dribbble: https://ui8.net/product/iphone-6.... Keep me updated.
very cool, going to play with it this week. We're (finally) just getting started making preview videos for our apps (thanks to Appshow).
@SacBookReviewer awesome! please contact me with any kind of feedback you might have :)
Hell yeah. These look great on product landing pages.