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appenguin converts your web application to a native Android app.

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Hi, and thanks for all the upvotes! I'm sorry for the delays. It's still not 100% automated, but it takes about 20 seconds to generate an Android Gradle project, build an apk, build a release apk, and push it with adb. The next step would be connecting a form to it so everything is done automatically. Maybe push the app to Google Play through their API. If you register, I'll email you an apk within a few hours. Feedback appretiated, thanks, Yuri :)
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@yprez Do we get access to the code?
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@adityr didn't build anything for it yet, but sure. I can just send you the stuff...
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The generation is now 99% automated, and I will try to send the apps as fast as I can. There's also a paid version, with no ads and other goodies. And lots of premium features coming soon. Stay tuned! 🐧
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Nice work my friend. Is the apk uploaded under your account in the store?
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@basilfarraj Thanks! Yes, if you want me to. By default I email you the apk right there. I can upload to save someone the time and the $25 for registration. However it's getting a bit time consuming. Going to automate it next :)
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Wow converting web apps into mobile apps in a simple way... pretty awesome @yprez
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@abadesi Thanks! If you'd like a free app let me know :)
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Turned my wix website to an apk in minutes.

Just filled in my info and got an apk by mail couple of minutes later.

Upgraded to a full app to remove the Ad.

Everything is working great! and compared to different products this is definitely the easiest and cheapest option available.


Easy to use, super compatible


Small Ad for free users

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Thanks! 🐧