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This app was great fun. I realized I have so much more to discover. Still some bugs in the app, and sometimes hard to select the correct location or city. I also found the pre-populated tweet is one character too long to tweet. It would be more fun with some pre-populated statistics in the tweet. Great app to keep track of where you've been and what yet to be discovered!
@mikaellowgren Thank you, I appreciate it! I am currently working on an improvement regarding the add city-functionality.
I tried using it. While I think it could have utility, I think you need to add some UX refinements. I tried adding playa del Carmen in Mexico, for example. There's no onboarding or feature explanation. The hold tap didn't work first two times. Third tap was wrong city. Fourth tap worked. I think a fix to the UX would be to, with your search, have an add button appear. It'll save steps and clarify UX. I take it you use google maps API, so they prob have away to add this seamlessly through their end points. Rock on!
@elon_rubin Hi, I will add more features to the app very, very soon. I know about the add destination-tap-bug, but the current fix is to zoom even more on the map. Not every city get's recognised, and this is due to the Apple Maps lack of information, and is something that I am unable to fix as of now. However, regarding the add button, I think it's a good idea, but I am working on a fix for the tap-and-hold right now, so I will see how it turns out. Thanks for feedback, it means a lot!