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Really simple site showing UI animations of some popular apps. would love to see more added, like Anchor, Peach etc which had really nice onboarding. @jackw_young tell us more !
@bentossell Thanks for the suggestions Ben, I will check those out. There are many more on the way (including lots of great apps that I am finding on Product Hunt!). Todays addition however has been Product Hunts very own app - see it on the homepage now!
Appealing is an online showcase of UI animations found in real apps. During a recent project I was surprised how difficult it was to find examples of mobile UI animation on the internet. The majority of Google results lead to blog posts showcasing examples found on Dribbble, which as awesome as they are, are usually created in After Effects and without the limitations that face live apps or working code. I started to find and capture examples myself and quickly built an extensive collection of recordings. Instead of leaving them to grow dusty on my desktop I decided to create a blog to showcase them online; a place for people to visit and gain inspiration. Currently, there are over 100 UI animation examples on Appealing, and the list is constantly growing. Please check it out, bookmark it for future reference, and of course, any app suggestions are very welcome!
@jackw_young Dude !!!! So Awesome! Clean and well done.
@johnhaden Thanks man! Pleased you like it.
@jackw_young Great work .. Keep up (Y)
@engmsaleh Thanks for the support, Mohamed!
@Jackyoung Feels exactly like, but for animation. Very nice.
@michael_hood Thanks, Michael! My goal was to create an animated version of Pttrns, so that is great to hear.
@jackw_young @michael_hood Check this also, it is very good in Animation collection
@engmsaleh @michael_hood Capptivate was cool but hasn't had any new posts in over a year. I will be updating Appealing on a regular basis.
@jackw_young @engmsaleh @michael_hood That's great to hear Jack! Would be neat to see some web animations as well in the future :)
Awesome eyecandy. Now how do we add motion like this to our apps? Apple sure isn't helping. As they don't support Rich interactive motion. I just spent 2 weeks solving this: the result can be seen here: The entire animation engine is super tiny: Its for OSX but wants to port this to IOS. Just thought id some context. Not trying to plug here.
Good stuff there, but i wish it covered more uncommon apps or a special section for it. Most of the apps covered here are the ones we use everyday
@giridharvc7 Thanks for your feedback, Giridhar! I am indeed now looking at the more uncommon/ up and coming apps. Over the next few days I will be posting examples from apps that I have recently found here on Product Hunt.
@jackw_young Check out IFTTT's Onboarding, they also released their onboarding animation kit opensource, cool stuff.
@giridharvc7 Really cool stuff! Thanks for the recommendation, you will see it on the site soon. If you think of any more, let me know.