User-friendly A/B testing platform for apps & games

Introducing AppConversion!
Tools to increase your App Page conversion with A/B tests.
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๐Ÿ‘ Hey, hunters! Today we are glad to introduce our A/B tests tool called AppConversion. We were obliged to run conversion tests for apps, but all products were super expensive for us. So we decided to build our product with acceptable pricing. Right now, we are in free early access and inviting users step by step. Features: * Unlimited combinations, you can test everything you need: icon, screens, title, subtitle, video, or description. * Acceptable pricing * Detailed Reports * API & Integrations Feel free to ask any questions here :)
Hey, looks great! Can you describe, please, what is the difference between your project and already created solutions? Or it's totally new?
@zavhoz Hey Mike, thank you! First of all, it's pricing. Already created solutions are super-expensive and overpriced (over 1k$)
Looks really interesting! Can't wait to try it :)
Niicee! Looks very useful. I want to try it. Congratulations!
@peteliev thanks! We will invite you after a while :)
Looks great. What does it cost ?
@mikedane7 Thank you, Mike! During Early Access, it's entirely free. After launch, it will be around $99/month.