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Stuart HallMaker@stuartkhall · CEO & co-founder @ Appbot
Based on all the awesome feedback we have received so far, we are dropping the 30 day trial in favour being free for up to 10,000 requests a month. Develop and beta test for free, no matter how long that takes. The site will be updated soon.
Stuart HallMaker@stuartkhall · CEO & co-founder @ Appbot
Hi everyone. I'm Stu, founder of AppbotX, let me know if you have any questions.
David McKinneyHunterHiring@davidkmckinney
@stuartkhall your other service (AppBot reviews) is already doing really well, and AppBotX seems like a natural extension to help developers with their customer support. Can developers now do most of their customer communication through their app with AppBotX?
Stuart HallMaker@stuartkhall · CEO & co-founder @ Appbot
@davidkmckinney Hi Dave! AppbotX came about both from my own experience developing apps and delivering 15 million app reviews with Appbot. Bad reviews can totally destroy your app sales / downloads and reputation. Many of these bad reviews can be avoided by engaging the user before they leave the bad review. I have found tools such as notifications for downtime/bugs, FAQs, native support and review prompts that encourage happy customers to leave good reviews and unhappy customers to send you feedback directly both greatly improve reviews and make the developer more informed. So I made a set of tools where developers can easily add this to their applications and give them success a much better chance of success. The client libraries are open source so developers can extend and style everything to suit their apps perfectly. Hope that answers your question! Thanks
David McKinneyHunterHiring@davidkmckinney
@stuartkhall can you explain how the messages / notifications system works? It looks like customers can display inline messages in their app to talk to their users e.g. "Hey, we're doing some maintenance right now. We'll be back soon". Can customers update these messages without submitting a new build for review by Apple?
Stuart HallMaker@stuartkhall · CEO & co-founder @ Appbot
@davidkmckinney Hey Dave, that's right! If you have downtime, a bug or a message you'd like to show the user you can add it in AppbotX and it will appear in your app straight away without having to submit a new build. You can also turn it off whenever it's not relevant anymore. Like with all the components you can control exactly when and where you want the notifications to appear in your app. You can also customise the look and feel to suit with the open source library. Thanks!
Stuart HallMaker@stuartkhall · CEO & co-founder @ Appbot
Plus if anyone wants a longer trial while they build out their app just email me and mention Product Hunt :)
Andy Dent@andydentperth1 · Touchgram founder, coder+martial artist
Very smooth experience integrating into the Lingopal line of products (contract client of mine in 2014), which made use of nearly all the features for client communication. In particular, the FAQ helped cut support requests and the polling-based notification display was crucial for ermergency warnings with store issues as well as marketing messages. We easily extended the AppbotX localisation to bundle messages for the full 44 languages Lingopal supports.