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Hi Hunters, I'm one of the co-founders of Appbot along with @stuartkhall. Appbot was built to make managing app reviews less painful. In our own experience it was hard to stay on top of all the major app stores across so many different countries. Appbot fetches reviews from the iOS, Google Play, Amazon and Windows app stores, in every country. Our bots read every review (so you don't have to!). We translate them to English, send them to integrations you've set up, and categorize and cluster them according to sentiment, the topic of the review, the words they include, version, country and more. We even make it easy to manage replying to reviewers on the Play store. We have native integrations for Slack, Trello, HipChat, Zendesk,, Freshdesk, Yammer and Salesforce. You can send reviews about bugs to your developers on HipChat, reviews about your latest feature to your product team in Slack, and all reviews to your customer support team in Freshdesk... or any other combination! We also offer an API for app reviews, so you can create your own reports or integrate with tools we don't yet support. We offer a free trial of the Chart Topper plan for 14 days, no credit card required, and we would really love your feedback. Thanks for checking Appbot out!
Can't say enough good things about Appbot. Their sentiment tool is used constantly by us for monitoring customer feedback.
@hamey agreed. I get daily review reports for my apps, super useful.
@hendx Yeah it's just so much quicker to get the vibe of current reviews.
@hamey @hendx thanks guys!
Another standout Perth business. Well done @stuartkhall
@stuart_riddle thanks for the support Stuart
I happen to notice that 'pricing' link is placed beside the logo, it's pretty much rare, any particular reason or advantage of doing that
@tahaqadri We're experimenting with it, not sure if there's an advantage yet :) Maybe we'll blog about the result...
Great to see a Perth-based tech product doing so well. Well done @stuartkhall and @clairesayshi