The streaming NoSQL database service.

Appbase is a hosted Elasticsearch service which supports streaming.

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We're part of the same Techstars batch as Appbase. Awesome company with a lot of personality. They're always asking about our data like it's some kind of infant that needs looking after ;) From my perspective, I don't know if the real-time nature of what they do is really what gets me excited about Appbase. Sure it's great to have fast queries without worrying about scaling...but I find them to be a more usable DBaaS. Parse feels too heavy having a million auth tokens and so much documentation to support all their features. Firebase, didn't seem easy to make Elasticsearch-like queries. Appbase just feels powerful but not daunting. I hope it stays that way.
Got an in-depth walkthough from the founders that impressed me enough I'm rewriting the internal number and user search functions in Numerous to use The simple search is great, but the clincher was the realtime streaming query and search results, which we're looking at for building some features that were previously prohibitively complex/time-consuming.
We're BIG fans of Algolia and use it for Product Hunt search. How does this compare?
@rrhoover Wow, waking up to see us on PH is an awesome feeling! Appbase enables realtime updated results. You can model your data in a rich fashion, and subscribe to streaming changes. And it doesn’t hurt that you can also use this with zero server setup with client-side JS and OAuth. On the other hand, Algolia seems to a really well baked product for building search applications. The only apples-to-apples comparison is the full-text search and we use ElasticSearch to index that.