A better way to share Instagram posts on social media

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Hi Product Hunters! I am the co-founder of AppAction with @fabrahamlincoln. After 6 months in private beta, we are publicly launching AppAction: a better way to share your Instagram posts on social media. After working at Facebook and rebuilding Instagram Search, I learned that so many businesses were becoming “Instagram First” in their social media and needed better tools to make their lives easier. We also saw many of these businesses struggle with their other channels when Instagram was such a focus for them. We have used what we learned over the past 6 months to offer a simple interface that helps the super busy brand manager and small businesses with: Automated Sharing using links that open inside of the Instagram App - every share should grow your Instagram presence! Simplified analytics - just the things that matter, in your inbox, daily. We are super happy to share AppAction with you on Product Hunt today - our devoted beta users have averaged 23% increase in engagement when sharing through AppAction and we think everyone deserves that lift! Head on over to and check it out!
I've been beta testing this product for a few weeks now. It's dead simple and very effective.
@alexhorre Thanks a lot! your feedback has shaped much of the product today!
This is awesome. Works very well
@scottymeuk thanks Scott! Anything that you absolutely need in it that you don't get now?
Just checked out your product! Very good UX!
@nobelchang Thanks! Credit goes to @fabrahamlincoln on that!
Seems very cool. Will give it a try