App Unfurls by Slack

Build beautiful, interactive previews for any link in Slack

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Salman S. Qadeer
@salmansq · Senior Product Manager Platform, Slack
Hey, Product Hunt! I’m @SalmanSQ, the PM for App Unfurls. AMA! App unfurls allow you to build custom previews for any link people share in Slack. You can rely on notifications from our events API to know when particular links get shared, and then add formatted message attachments to the links you care about. You can also add buttons to let people take d… See more
Vinay Hiremath
@vhmth · Founder & Head of Engineering @ Loom
Hey there Slack team! So does this mean other video providers will be able to unfurl their own media now using the "unfurl_media" messaging? Would we be able to play Loom videos (https://www.useloom.com) in Slack? Great stuff either way!
kurt braget
@kurtybot · developer, entrepreneur
As a person who recommended this back in 2015, I'M SUPER EXCITED. Thank you Slack. I think this feature is going to be YUGE. Here is my product request from 2015 https://twitter.com/kurtybot/sta...
Chris Handy ☛
@handythinks · Founder, Thinkhandy
I can see a lot of applications for this. cc: @pc4media
Kunal Bhatia
@kunalslab · Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp
This is awesome. Looking forward to more actionable shares inside Slack!