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Hey Product Hunters! The LaunchKit team built this new tool because we wanted a simple way to get iTunes Connect sales data into the place our team communicated all the time: Slack. After a simple setup, the tool starts posting sales data into Slack daily. The posts are color coded depending on how the app is trending, and include both yesterday’s sales info as well as comparisons for the previous day and previous week. While we were at it, we decided to rethink Sales Report emails and make them a bit easier to parse. The emails we had gotten in the past looked terrible on a mobile device and contained a lot of unnecessary info. So we made it look nicer. This is a simple, free tool. We’d love your feedback and hope you find it useful. I’ll be here all day answering questions! Also, remember this is a Product Hunt beta launch. Please report any bugs here.
@mulligan this is awesome Brenden! Congrats on the release!
LOVE this. Nice work LaunchKit team.
@mg thanks for being a LK OG
We've been a beta user for a few weeks now and love it. Great job Brenden/Cluster team.
@kevinrose thanks for testing and the early feedback
First we used Screenshot Builder for our app (Canvas Keyboard). Later we started using App Review Monitor, and now Sales Reporter. All works great and surprisingly for free. Congrats to the team for contributing to such a useful product family.
In. Done. Thank you!
@jamesolden Great! Let us know if everything works as expected.