This free ASO checklist will help you:
- Learn App Store Optimization essentials and advanced tricks
- Find out how to improve your app’s conversion rates
- Detect & eliminate bottlenecks that are hindering you app’s growth
- Run 360 ASO audits like a pro
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Thank you so much for hunting us, Eric! Let's rock! 🤘 Hi guys, In, we've made hundreds of app store A/B experiments for guys from Rovio, MSQRD, Prisma and others. We track 10M people for benchmarks. We work closely with friends from Adjust, ASODesk, Softlation, Apptrace. ... and well, sharing is caring! 🙏 We decided to put our ASO expertise in a checklist. It empowers mobile marketers to increase the number of users and grow organic traffic without expanding user acquisition channels. In the checklist - How to optimize: * Name * Icon * Screenshots * Description * Video preview * Ratings * Keywords * Website * Misc ... and how to analyze results afterward. Anything we've missed in the ASO checklist? Please share what to add below - we'd love to see your thoughts and ideas. And yes, join us on Twitter: 😀 Cheers, Alexandra
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Hi, I'm Max, a founder of SplitMetrics. We are here for your questions and feedback, folks!
@alexstrvinsky Hi guys! really helpful checklist :)
@sergey_sharov Thank you for helping us with it! :)
@alexstrvinsky sweet list, but Use Hans could make that list even better to get feedback on copy and content:
@toddterrazas thanks for your suggestion, Todd! I'll check it :)
Maker of the second ranked product today @everylyHQ. Love this, as we are already using this ops list for our app tactics next :) Nice work guys.
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@tweetyunus @everylyhq Hey Mohamed, we love Everyly too - and it's amazing to hear you've found our list useful! I saw you guys were also featured on wwwhatsnew: Congrats! :)
@alexstrvinsky @everylyhq Nice. Thanks for letting us know Alexandra :)
@alexstrvinsky @nedudi @mkamenkov @alexstrvinsky I freakin love you guys but you guys should consider having a "bootstrapped startup package" for $49-99 $500 a month is just too hard to swallow when you're still testing out your revenue model across products. Keep up the phenomenal work!
@nicholassheriff @alexstrvinsky @nedudi @mkamenkov This, for sure. Lower price for 1 app would be ace.
@joshuapinter @nicholassheriff @mkamenkov Hey guys, thank you So Much for your love! We have such a price as we offer audit, strategy development and consultations alongside with your A/B experiments. That's because we want companies that work with us to get significant results: increased conversions, # of users, purchases, organic traffic, etc. We had a smaller plan some time ago but an issue was is that most companies were absolutely new to app A/B testing. Working alone, their results have shown little to no difference. So we decided that we need to educate people - and started it in a form of in-person training sessions. But now we're growing our blog as an ASO education center: And are partnering with accelerators, edu programs, and our colleagues who develop other ASO tools. We expect that we'll be able to make ASO and app A/B testing easy and accessible for app developers - and then we'll bring our small plans back. :) That's a plan. So now, @joshuapinter and @nicholassheriff you can drop me a line at and let's see what we can offer to you. :)
Pretty useful stuff. Do you guys have something similar for Google Play Store?
@ramnath_shenoy Absolutely! We'll share it as soon as it is available.
I made sure I followed this checklist and my downloads increase exponentially. :)
@dimfiniti Hey, I'd love to follow your results: :)