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How the best app developers get featured by the app stores

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What is up PH! In this eBook, I reveal a hack that I used to get a client featured by Apple and a friend of mine used that same strategy to get his last 4 apps featured. It also includes insights from the 400+ interviews I've done to see how the very best app creators get featured by Apple and Google. It's free for the next few days. Check it out!
@stevepyoung Hi Steve! Could you let us know who is featured in your book? As the title states "Best App Developers" - would love to know where this merit has come from :)
@bentossell Ben, we have insights from @dancounsell, Genera Games, FitMenCook (Apple top 25 app of 2015) and so much more. I also included a great hack that multiple friends have used to get in front of Apple. The eBook is short and sweet. I say it's the Jim Gaffigan of app marketing books. Short, action-packed tips.
I listened to some of Steve's podcasts. He has great guest and goes behind the scenes with development and marketing. I always liked how he get his guests to divulge more. I can only imagine that his book would be equally resourceful. ~Ram
great job mate. Well done.
Had a read through - really excellent little book of tips - lots of great advice in here beyond what you typically hear in most "How to get featured" articles. Pleased we could be one of the apps featured by Steve.