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Nice ... BTW: Is that build using LaunchKit opensource ?
@engmsaleh We actually started building it a few weeks BEFORE LaunchKit announced they were going to open-source theirs. We wanted to provide a Screenshot Maker than was 100% free for our customers and other app marketers/developers to use. Hopefully, this will be a handy replacement for anyone who used to use them.
@nabeenam Nicely done.... GoodLuck
Nice tool. Does it come in all the required formats / sizes for both stores?
@wernergeyser Wanted to ask the same Q, waiting for their answer :)
@merraysy @wernergeyser - yes it does! Each set comes in 4 formats!
Thanks for making it free. This will save me hours!
@simoncchapman you're welcome! We hope you find it useful!
Very cool! Does this support iPad screenshots?
@jason_weingardt Hey Jason, not yet but it's a feature we'll be adding soon!
@nabeenam @jason_weingardt Any thoughts on monetization down the road?
@mobilegreg @jason_weingardt Nope, we're going to keep this 100% free. Our main product is our DIY App Builder: http://appinstitute.com so we're all about helping our customers make their apps successful.
Cool... That's exactly what we need the next weeks :)