App Samurai

Self-service app marketing tool for startups

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Şeyhmus Ölker
Şeyhmus ÖlkerMakerHiring@seyhmusolker · Head of Business Operations @AppSamurai
Hey everyone, I'm co-founder and Head of Product at App Samurai. Today we are very excited to announce App Samurai, self-service app marketing tool for startups. App Samurai aims to make mobile marketing as easy as possible for startups. Mobile ad planning, execution, and analysis are complicated for startups because they don't reach all available app marketing tools. App Samurai makes it easy for them without requiring in-depth mobile marketing knowledge! From now on, It’s really easy to create and manage user acquisition and boost campaigns for startups and indie developers! With the help of attribution and 3rd party analytics tool integrations, App Samurai provides unique optimization capabilities and smart recommendations for user acquisition campaigns. You can sign up and try the platform here: I'll be listening and replying to your feedback and ideas here. Cheers :)