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We believe customer reviews are incredibly important and have always paid close attention to what our users are saying about our apps. Unfortunately, this process (especially on the App Store) is fairly manual and time consuming. Review Monitor is a small tool we built to help us keep better track of App Store reviews (Google Play will be added soon). When a new review is detected, it’s posted directly to our Slack channel, keeping everyone on the same page. You can also set it to be sent via email. We find both very useful. We also created publicly sharable review pages, so we can now share some of our best (and worst) reviews. Here’s an example. We hope other iOS devs find it useful! Happy to answer any questions!
@mulligan I like that it pulled in all apps from my dev account for me, nice work! It would be really useful to display the review date as well if possible.
@mulligan Exactly what I was looking for. Do you power Circa's reviews? See https://twitter.com/antderosa/st...
@arjunram ha! we don't but we're friends with them and they gave us lots of feedback on Review Monitor early.
@mulligan that helps. Any plans to integrate with sentiment analysis api like http://www.alchemyapi.com/api/se... ?
@arjunram something like that .. yes :)
we've been using this for a few days in the beta... I love the idea of deeper integrations into our slack workflow. Nice job @mulligan.
@kevinrose thanks man. Glad you guys are liking it. You're the best beta testers
Fascinating to see Slack look more and more similar to IRC as people build on top of its API and create ancillary products (take a look at @jackdweck's All Things Slack collection). We use Slack to push notifications of new posts, moderator/admin actions, and other passive events to the team. App Store reviews is useful because it's not something I regularly monitor (like my Twitter stream). Obviously this is much different than Cluster and the other products you've made, @mulligan. Why this?
@rrhoover Well, different than the Cluster-esq products, but similar to most of the other dev tools we've shared (Sketch to App Store, Screenshotter, etc..). This is something we wanted at Cluster. We'd hacked together a quick version of it, but we wanted to take some time and make it great. We currently manage 7 apps in the App Store so this tool helps us a ton and we figured other people would enjoy it as well.
Brenden, you're working on some really cool stuff lately! Thanks for sharing your tools with the community. I was thinking about something similar for App Store status changes (e.g. App is in Review, Processing to App Store, etc.) as part of http://fastlane.tools What do you think about that? I guess this would be useful not only for the developers, but also for the other team members.
@krausefx something we've thought about and are looking into. Feel free to beat us to it! ;) Such a good idea.
@krausefx Good idea. I don't monitor my inbox like a hawk, but Slack is always up and available. Routing that information there would inform me + my team much quicker--pushing us toward the next step.
For anyone interested, I wrote a bit more about Review Monitor here: https://medium.com/ios-os-x-deve...