App Report Status

Get notified everyday when Apple release App Store reports!

App Report Status is meant to notify you every day as soon as Apple releases the App Store Connect reports to public. Receive a notification as soon as the reports are out, in whatever medium you prefer (mobile notification and Twitter for now).
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Hello hunters, If some of you released an app on the App Store before, I can imagine you do it like I do and spend a big chunk of your time checking whether Apple has already released new reports for the day. I created this while I was experimenting with Firebase Cloud Functions. It is just a scheduled function on Firebase that checks if the reports have been released and if yes, sends a notification using Pushed app + API and also posts it on Twitter, it is fairly easy and I might open source it after a cleanup. I'm thinking of adding more services like Chrome Extension, Telegram, but I'm not sure what because this is enough for me, so I'm open for suggestions. Let me know if you have any questions, remarks or requests. Happy hunting, Miguel