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App Radar is an awesome tool for app developers, helping them to optimize the discovery and ranking of their apps. This is getting more and more difficult and App Store Optimization has become something you cannot ignore anymore. They already have some impressive results with their Beta users, @kriebernegg can tell you more!”
Thanks for hunting us @bramk! With 100K new apps coming out every day, and 3.1M apps total in the Apple App Store + Google Play Store, it really is “a jungle out there” for app developers. Next to creating an outstanding app, you also need to have an outstanding marketing approach to succeed. This is why we’re building App Radar. Our first product “Keyword Tracker" sends you daily notifications via Slack and/or email about your App Store rankings based on the keywords you used for your app. It helps you understand if/how your app can be found within the App Stores or not. Best of all, it’s free to start! Product Hunters even get a special offer: you can track up to 15 keywords (up from 5) in one country’s App Store :) One of the Beta customers we’re working with is iTranslate, the biggest mobile translation app with 5 million active users and more than 50 million downloads combined over all apps. With the help of App Radar they managed to improve their marketing effort really further and their downloads skyrocketed. Keyword Tracker is the first step towards a suite of App Marketing tools to helps you analyze your market and competitors, automatically track significant information about your app’s performance and optimize its App Store appearance - all in one tool. You can read more about our product and mission
Great tool. Really like these kinds of Slack integrations...
@alexmarktl thanks! Glad you like it :)
Looks promising! Let's see how it performs.
Can we use this tool in reverse way? Like to analyse which keywords have how many nos of searches in app store daily?
@evivz that's something we are working on for the next version :)
@kriebernegg Please do tag me when its live. I would love to be the first person to use it.
@evivz easiest thing is to either subscribe to the newsletter on the landingpage or signup for the keyword tracker. by doing this the newsletter will find you! :)