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Tyson Caly, the creator of the popular iOS app http://thebestcaesar.com/ raves about App Press. He talked about it on my show the other day. You know, he spent longer researching which platform to use to build his app than he actually spent building it. Here is a 50 sec extract of what he had to say https://youtu.be/QgpL0nrpb98
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Hi everyone! I'm the founder of App Press. We're very excited about appearing on Product Hunt. I'd be happy to answer questions from the PH community here or email me grant@app-press.com
I've hunted something similar before, but this one looks even better. Haven't tried it yet, so let me know what you think.
Just signed up. Looking forward to play around while I have some downtime traveling.
@kellymcgrath can't wait for your feedback. Let us know if you have questions. Here's our YouTube channel with some helpful videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/MyA...
Very cool. I did a trial with PencilCase earlier this month. What would you say differentiates your service from theirs? Can you export to Xcode? If you discontinue service, can you still edit in Xcode or is this pretty much a wysiwyg UIWebView as a service? Also, I didn't see how App-Press handles gestures. Is there a doc or video on that behavior? PencilCase did a phenomenal job with the "when, then" action strategy. I'm curious how you conquered the same. Eager to learn more.
@ryanmac all great questions. Definitely worth a phone conversation. Once we see your trial request come over we'll give you a ring. Lots of helpful videos on our YouTube page that will hopefully address your gesture question: https://www.youtube.com/user/MyA...