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#2 Product of the DayOctober 20, 2017

App Pages is a collection of the best web pages dedicated to mobile apps. It's a source of inspiration for startups building such a website. Clarity and strong identity are our main selection criteria. Curated by Mozza - Mobile Growth Agency.

  • Benjamin Kimo Twichell
    Benjamin Kimo TwichellGrowth Marketing Consultant

    Awesome inspirational content from experts



    If you're looking for inspiration and want to make sure you're finding it in the right place pages is great. Super cool to have a focus on apps now. Nice work!

    Benjamin Kimo Twichell has used this product for one year.
  • Alan McAlpine
    Alan McAlpineMarketing and Community, Curve

    🚀 Great examples used

    🚀 Love the the curation by section of the site ("Pricing", "App" etc.)

    🚀 Great range of genres


    💭 Would love to see a paragraph description of *why* the sites were listed.

    💭 Signing in/ bookmarking websites for future reference.

    For those building landing pages or trying to get a feel for how to communicate to customers, this is awesome - as a side note, it'd be great to search for products by genre (e.g. "Saas", "Retail", etc.)

    Alan McAlpine has used this product for one day.
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Adrien Montcoudiol
Adrien MontcoudiolMaker@adrienm · Mobile growth consultant
Hello Product Hunters! We're happy to release App Pages, the result of a collaboration between @tchret's Pages and our mobile consulting company After Pricing Pages, Product Pages, Store Pages and Checkout Pages, we thought a category for mobile apps was needed! 📲 Many mobile startups we've been working with had built a sophisticated and sometimes complicated website to showcase their app. We believe that clarity and a strong identity are actually the most important criteria to explain a product value efficiently and encourage visitors to try it out. We hope this collection will be a good source of inspiration for every mobile entrepreneur 💡 Let us know if you have other app pages we should add to this repository 🙏 Thank you guys! Adrien & Max from Mozza
Eric Poindessault
Eric PoindessaultHiring@p01ds · Co-Founder & CEO @biggerpan
@adrienm very nicely done, congrats!
Thomas Leitermann
Thomas Leitermann@thomasleiterman · Product Manager, inovex
@adrienm Wish this was hunted just 10 days earlier 😟 Love the other categories and recommended them many times, glad you got around to apps! ( was my alternative from 10 days ago, btw)
Micka Touillaud
Micka Touillaud@mickatouillaud · Design Lead at Sevenhugs
Thanks guys, is starting to be a main reference for benchmarking in the software world!
Thomas Chrétien
Thomas ChrétienMaker@tchret ·
this comment makes me happy
Davide Bonapersona
Davide Bonapersona@davbona · Co-founder & CTO, Feeligo
Some really inspiring design there! Would be awesome to see a short sentence explaining why each particular page was picked :)
Louis Pinot
Louis Pinot@louispinot · software engineer @ Compass
I agree with @davbona! You could even add a comments feature to to discuss the merits and ways of imrpvements of featured pages ;)
Adrien JOLY
Adrien JOLY@adrienjoly · Web developer + JS teacher.
Very good source of inspiration for presenting/promoting our future mobile apps :-)
Alex Bauer
Alex BauerHiring@alexdbauer · Product Marketing —
I love this so much. Definitely adding a bookmark for the whole site.