App Pages is a collection of the best web pages dedicated to mobile apps. It's a source of inspiration for startups building such a website. Clarity and strong identity are our main selection criteria. Curated by Mozza - Mobile Growth Agency.

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Hello Product Hunters! We're happy to release App Pages, the result of a collaboration between @tchret's Pages and our mobile consulting company After Pricing Pages, Product Pages, Store Pages and Checkout Pages, we thought a category for mobile apps was needed! 📲 Many mobile startups we've been working with had built a sophisticated and sometimes complicated website to showcase their app. We believe that clarity and a strong identity are actually the most important criteria to explain a product value efficiently and encourage visitors to try it out. We hope this collection will be a good source of inspiration for every mobile entrepreneur 💡 Let us know if you have other app pages we should add to this repository 🙏 Thank you guys! Adrien & Max from Mozza
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@adrienm very nicely done, congrats!
@adrienm Wish this was hunted just 10 days earlier 😟 Love the other categories and recommended them many times, glad you got around to apps! ( was my alternative from 10 days ago, btw)
Thanks guys, is starting to be a main reference for benchmarking in the software world!
this comment makes me happy
Some really inspiring design there! Would be awesome to see a short sentence explaining why each particular page was picked :)
I agree with @davbona! You could even add a comments feature to to discuss the merits and ways of imrpvements of featured pages ;)

If you're looking for inspiration and want to make sure you're finding it in the right place pages is great. Super cool to have a focus on apps now. Nice work!


Awesome inspirational content from experts



Very good source of inspiration for presenting/promoting our future mobile apps :-)