App Launch Checklist

Planning tool for launching your app successfully



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Mada Seghete — Founder, Branch Metrics
Hi everyone!

When launching our first app, Kindred my co-founders and I discovered that growth was difficult, despite being featured in the App/Play Store. Sure, there was an initial surge, but how could we sustain and improve growth? We built this tool from our learnings and the learnings from our customers and we hope you find it helpful whether you are thinking of launching your first app, or trying to understand what you could have done better in your last launch.
Mat Silva — - Video creation made simple
@mada299 Pretty comprehensive. Good take aways for web apps as well ;)
Paul de Fombelle — sows Mailify, reaps email marketers
@matsilva @mada299 indeed. Although it we be great - and fast - to have it adapted for other kind of projects: web apps, plugins, desktop apps, etc.
Ophir Prusak — VP Marketing |
This is an awesome checklist!

I'd recommend adding in the tech-prep a section "Add the ability to update your app on the fly". I just happened to write up such a list myself:
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