App in the Air 5.0

Flight Tracker. The best TripIt alternative yet

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I was beta testing the new release for some time, and this is really cool! We’ve seen a lot of flight trackers, but these guys have invested a lot of time and thought into the product(this is V5.0). I’ve found subscribing my mum to alerts and airport tips the most useful, but there is way more, including nearby people, airport shuttle tickets, internet sharing, etc… @bayka what is your vision for App In The Air and where travel experience on the mobile is heading? --- @bayka (CEO of App in the Air) has published great insights on mobile and growth hacking. Recommended.
@nikitakorotaev we want to radicaly improve the air travel experience: it should be as simple as public transit. What we are currently working on is: in-airport navigation (time to gate, best places for coffee & etc), collaborative consumption with fellow passengers (wifi & taxi sharing, seat swaping), data crowdsourcing (tips from frequent flyers and security wait times). We believe there are lots of inefficiences there and we are tackling those!
@bayka @nikitakorotaev I'm not so sure you want to set your bar of success at public transit! ;) The public bus system is still pretty broken in most cities -- at least in the US. Aim higher! :)
@bayka you have a beautiful app but having to pay to share travel plans is a barrier. Considered a basic/freemium model where you can share with a single user? Trying to find a Tripit replacement - thought I had something but need to be able to share.
@jrdn_ you dont have to pay to share your itineraries - just tap Share button in upper right corner of the flight feed or export to Calendar and share it. Does it make sense?
I like this app because it works with PC as well. It's really rare when your an iPhone user.
@idanielroman Thank you, but currently we do not work on PCs. Are you sure you used our app?
Looks like a lot of awesome stuff packed into this. Looking forward to giving a try when i travel next
@kristofertm Please let us know your experience. Wish you sage & pleasant travels!
Used this last weekend while on a trip out to Seattle. Really enjoyed it. The small unintrusive gamification is also welcome.
@zaccoffman Really glad you liked it! Did you happen to try in-airport navigation? We have it for Seatte
@bayka Sadly did not, first time at the airport I mainly relied on just TripIt for quick notifications of flights. Forgot about the in-airport nav as that would have been insanely helpful for my 2 hour layover at DTW.
TripIt handles way more than flight info. Is this really an alternative?
@chrismessina Chris, of course TripIt handles hote, car rentals & etc much better at the moment. Currently, we allow to attach confirmation rmails, but not manage in the same way TripIt does. But this might come in future ;-)
@bayka @chrismessina agree that I generally need a full-featured travel manager - flights, rental cars, hotels/airbnbs, and maybe events/tours/ticketed/scheduled things. Everything else that TripIt handles isn't that useful for me