I enjoyed having one-on-one time with such a successful co-founder. Skype has really changed the world - especially mine! If you're time is tight, I posted a transcript on Medium.
Congrats on the 500th episode Paul!
Thanks @anthony_stylianou - I'm grateful. It's been a really fun journey! The podcast has helped me connect, network and build relationships with so many inspirational founders.
@paul_s_kemp I can imagine. Have you gone back and heard episode 1 for some nostalgia? :)
@anthony_stylianou No! The early episodes are embarrassing! To be frank, I don't know how I made it through #1 . It started to feel easier and come more naturally when I reached about #50.
Congraz Paul of make it to 500! Great interview too! You should check out Humans the series
@anselm_k I'm interested in checking out Humans sometime soon. Sadly, I need to wait until my wife has finished binging on Netflix originals (e.g. The Queen). Is it true that Samsung have a TV that displays two pictures at the same time? Although we'd both need special glasses, such a TV solves the age old problem of who gets to watch what... Ha!.
@paul_s_kemp hahaha, what an innovation! I want one too!