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One of the biggest mistakes app developers make is spending for user acquisition without a forecast (or even an idea) about the LTV of their users and therefore the ultimate ROI of their campaigns. This calculator gives you a great way to test out different inputs and assumptions about the costs of your campaigns and behaviors of your user base, in an easy-to-use and beautiful visualization. Any app developer considering a new paid acquisition campaign should check this out!
Cool tool for planning your launch marketing.
We created this product in response to a consistent question that developers had around how to calculate LTV. When LTV is known with some certainty, it becomes clear whether a paid UA strategy is possible to enable an app or game to grow (or not!). The tool gives some actionable insights into their metrics, and the potential for their app with the right UA strategy.
An easy way to estimate your app or mobile game's LTV. Enter your metrics (ARPDAU, CPI and retention rates) and see your results immediately.

Hands down the quickest and easiest way to calculate LTV. Bravo Pollen team.


Simple to use forecasting tool from a great team at Pollen VC