I always hear people say that it’s impossible to succeed as a non-technical founder of an app. I think that's BS. Often times, non-technical founders actually make better entrepreneurs than coders. If you want to learn what it takes to succeed with a mobile app or any other kind of digital product, this free guide is your secret sauce.

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Hey Product Hunt! Super excited to share "The Ultimate Guide to App Development for the Non Technical Founder" with the community. It's a collection of insights, lessons, and resources gained from over 10 years of app development for founders, mega brands, celebrities, and professional athletes. The free guide is broken up into 8 chapters: Chapter 1: Don’t Solve Every Problem Chapter 2: Don’t Be a First-Timer, Even if It’s Your First Time Chapter 3: What’s All This Going to Cost? Chapter 4: How to Raise Money for an App Chapter 5: What to Expect on App ROI Chapter 6: No, You Do Not Need Anyone to Sign an NDA. Chapter 7: There’s Blood in Those Waters: Seeing the Sharks for What They Are Chapter 8: Break Your Routine and Never Stop Innovating We've also included 2 BONUS video lessons! Video 1: How To Avoid Feature Creep - with Pomelo Games, one of the largest game studios in Latin America. Video 2: How To Raise Capital - with Karl House of Fan Bread, recently acquired for millions. Consider this your insider’s guide to building a mobile app the right way: how to avoid burning through your budget too fast, how recognize the right path when you come to a fork in the road, and how to manage a digital product if it’s your first time. Thoughts? Feedback? Ideas? Post a comment below.
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@benleenr Looks great Ben! Looking forward to checking it out. In the meantime, I'm curious: What is the benefit of offering it through Facebook Messenger?
@imakestrides FB Messenger guarantees 100% deliverability versus risking it going into your spam box. I also love chatbots and wanted to challenge my team 🙂
@benleenr Ahh, got ya. Liking the ebook so far, thanks!
@benleenr @imakestrides assume building a nice ripe pool of people to target ads towards is a benefit of this, too.
@imakestrides Thanks Kyle! What should I add for version 2?
Sounds great. But the download link is dead. :/ Please fix.
@impsart @benleenr Same here. It times out.
@impsart @fearlex Very sorry about that! Our download link went down due an internal heroku error. 😬 https://status.heroku.com/ We've moved the guide to another server. Click the Send to Messenger link once more and you'll get an updated download link.
Ben! 🔥 Can't wait to dig in.
@juannikin Thanks! Let me know what you think!
I'm sorry but.. I can't see the button link
@cyril_nb even i cant find it anywhere!

I felt this ebook is a good intro but not the "ultimate guide". Enjoyed reading it but we're just scratching the surface. With a little more depth, it'll be way better.

+ improving the quality of pictures


Great insights on the necessary steps before actually starting the app development.


Almost no examples. The author mentioned he built so many apps, let's talk about it. It'll provide much more value.