App Camp For Girls Quiz

Quiz app created by middle school girls who learned to code

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App Camp for Girls is a non-profit that aims to bridge the gender imbalance in tech by empowering and inspiring young girls through week long summer camps focused on app development. The non-profit launched via Indiegogo and are now releasing their first app made by campers. You can support them by purchasing this app!
@robjama I love the quirky design :)
Hey everyone - I wasn't involved in creating the app but I am a huge supporter of the cause, as I'm part of the team who is bringing the camp to Canada (Vancouver). I believe @macgenie submitted a comment but it hasn't posted yet. What I love about App Camp For Girls is not only do they help get middle-school girls excited about tech, but they also support the women who volunteer by helping us develop our own skills and having a great supportive community. This app shows what the campers have been developing over the past couple of years and is a great way to help us fundraise in order to reach even more girls in future years. Questions? Ask away!
This is awesome! Thanks so much for your support. This app was created by the hard work of 60 middle school girls and over 40 volunteers. We believe in giving our campers the full experience of being an app developer, from brainstorming and designing to coding and marketing. Now that the girls' apps are in the App Store (and ranked #1 in Entertainment), they get the ultimate sense of pride and accomplishment that their work is being shared around the world. Feel free to share your results #ac4g. (If I were a mythical creature, I'd be Bigfoot, my superpower is Invisibility, and if I were a coffee shop drink, I'd be dark espresso!)