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Eze VidraHunter@ediggs · Startup investor and advisor
I came across this new app on VentureBeat today: I thought it was cool that you can 'blast' an app and reach approximately 1 billion people...
Gil Eyal@gileyal · Founder
@ediggs Thank you so much for hunting us. I want to give some background on Appblaster. As someone who has come from social gaming (Playdom) and app development (Mobli), I am distinctly aware of the huge increase in the costs of acquiring high quality users for an app. My experience with influencers showed me how engaging their communities creates a channel to highly engaged users that are genuinely interested in the product. I wanted to offer that opportunity to other app developers. How it works: Our system A/B tests a few creatives to see which performs the best. That creative is then disseminated to our account holders who can opt in to post it (until we reach our goal). As this happens, our system tracks the posts to remove posters who are not performing as well as others. I look forward to answering any questions you might have. Please mention Product Hunt for a 20 percent discount on any pilot!
Devin Hunt@hailpixel · Partner, Founder Centric
They give a range of ¢30 to $5 CPI. It would be great to see a few case studies how different apps perform. I'd love to use this, but with an upfront investment of $5k, i'd like to know what type of performance I can expect.
Gil Eyal@gileyal · Founder
@hailpixel Hi Devin. Thanks for your comment. We are still testing the network out ourselves to understand how we can reduce this initial price without taking too much of a risk. I'd be happy to chat and see if your specific product is one where we feel we can test at a lower cost.
Devin Hunt@hailpixel · Partner, Founder Centric
@gileyal sure! would be happy to chat. Twitter DM me your email and let's experiment! (@hailpixel).
Gil Eyal@gileyal · Founder
Hi guys! @Eze Vidra - thank you for hunting us. I'm the founder of HYPR and App Blaster is our attempt to offer app developers an inexpensive channel into high quality users. Our core product focuses on understanding which social media accounts influence which audiences. I come from a game and app development background, so the rising cost and declining quality of users is a problem I am all too aware of. We hope to continue improving App Blaster to the point where it becomes a great and affordable tool for launching products in the cluttered app stores. I'm happy to answer any questions and also offer a 20% discount on the pilot to anyone who mentions Product Hunt. Apologies - just saw this was posted twice and not sure how to remove.
Jonathan@skywalker · Founder, | LND
@gileyal have tweeted you guys - can I get a 20% in future (in 2 months time)?
Gil Eyal@gileyal · Founder
@skywalker Absolutely. Just tweet me a reminder when its time. @gileyal!
Andrew Bills@evilspyboy
@gileyal Definitely tempting, the marketing on one of my apps has been pretty flat and most acquisition is through the app store directly (maybe a couple through the website). I saw your FAQ had something about not running any other campaigns but do you take organic discovery into account?
Jonathan@skywalker · Founder, | LND
@gileyal thanks matey!
Yoav Vilner@yoavvilner · CEO, Blogger and advisor
Rock on guys, great team and great product!
Ayelet Noff@ayeletnoff · CEO, Blonde 2.0
App Blaster is an influencer marketing service for brands. App Blaster promotes applications through 800+ influential social media accounts to help developers get downloads.