App Annie

Track app store metrics

This is probably one of my favourite products - indispensable for app developers and anyone that wants to do competitor analysis.
App Annie is great but I'm afraid most of the community has heard of it or uses it already. We're trying to focus on new or "undiscovered" so please don't hate me when I hide this, Murat! :)
@rrhoover No worries! Btw I use to get emails when people commented or replied to me, that no longer happens, is that something you removed?
You should be getting them when your username is mentioned like this: @mutlu82. Let me know if you don't get it or if you remember unsubscribing from those notifications.
Have to add App Annie to that startup tool kit. Mixpanel's great for MAU/DAU and micro level user data. App Annie's the best way to track adspend, downloads and revenue as well as ASO keyword ranking. @rrhoover