App Animations

Gallery of beautiful iOS animations to inspire your next app

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App Animations is a gallery of beautiful iOS animations to inspire your next project. You can sort through the animations by their patterns and style, save your favorites and embed the them on your own site or inspiration board. Visit this site on your mobile device for looping full screen animations!
Thanks for the post and comments! I've had a growing collection of these animations for quite some time and figured everyone could benefit. Theres many more examples that I'll be uploading when I get a chance - I've been busy working on a course to teach others how to create these beautiful UI animations:
@thekineticui This is AWESOME 😃 May I suggest that you play on mouse hover and maybe only play once per hover, just an idea 😉
@doefler @thekineticui Thanks for the feedback! I'm really hoping to make this site a valuable resource - any other suggestions are welcome.
@doefler @thekineticui I was thinking the same thing. Play on hover would be awesome!
@thekineticui Wow! This is super cool! I was actually playing with Origami by Facebook, but this one is good for ideations. Thanks for adding this :)
Made something similar a while back (, but didn't keep it updated. I hope you can keep yours updated because I think it's super useful and should exist!
Awesome. This replaces my ritual of flipping through dribbble, behance and pinterest to find good animations examples
Great work Craig; this looks awesome!