a complete kit to grow cannabis, just add sun, water & seed

Our kits are perfect for the first time pot grower and for the green thumb who wants to learn more. I Just add water, seed, and sun to harvest your own sun grown cannabis.
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How is it different to a regular plant pot?
@mickc79 the kit. Fabric pots help roots breathe. It's like if you just started cooking, you can use pepper or cajun spice mix from a Blue Apron kit.
@mickc79 Hey Mick, Cannabis plants have roots which like to breath. Fabric pots are what most commercial cannabis growers choose to use as it allows the soil/roots to breath, air prunes your roots, and help to prevent over watering.
Love this product! Grew my first plant using it 🌱 I tried killing it several times, but it always came back with a little water and sunshine ... until the last time, but at least it had something harvestable by then!
Simple and easy, instructions are very easy to understand step by step on how to grow your plant
Quality soil and everything else
It’s a great product: All in one!