Apollo Peak: Cat & Dog Wine

Now you can drink wine with your cat & dog

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Ben TossellΒ β€” Community Lead, Product Hunt
Uhmmmmm...... what? LOL

What about the poor dogs of this world desperate for a swig?!
Jack SmithΒ β€” Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
@bentossell they also sell wine for dogs if you scroll down
Ben TossellΒ β€” Community Lead, Product Hunt
@_jacksmith so they do!

Changed the hunt to reflect that
TeddyΒ β€” Janitor, Zombore
@_jacksmith @bentossell what about my hamsters??
Dan WadeΒ β€” Director of Marketing at Life Floor
@teddyzombore @_jacksmith @bentossell Hamsters, as a species, seem more like they'd prefer uppers. Coffee for Hamsters?
Bent StamnesΒ β€” Real-time Graphics Enthusiast
"For that special cat lady in your life, so she doesn't have to drink alone"?
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