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#4 Product of the DayNovember 06, 2016




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Andrew-DavidHunter@andrewdavidj · Co-Founder at Wild Gamut
We've been using Apollo for over 6 years now and whenever I see people discuss project/task management apps, I never see Apollo mentioned and I'm not sure why. It has everything from task, milestone, and team management to time tracking and image proofing. It's very user-friendly and customizable to your team's needs and branding. They're always listening to their users and actively developing the platform, so you see new features and enhancements on a weekly basis! I always recommend it and I want to see more people use it.
@andrewdavidj Thanks Andrew, much appreciated. For those interested, our latest updates are here: http://www.apollohq.com/en/backs... We have tons of new features lined up for the next few months, but we also want to involve our users more in the definition of Apollo development priorities. Expect some real roadmap democracy soon!
Feech@jasenf · SaaS CEO. Cut me and I bleed code.
@andrewdavidj Hi Andrew - would you say its more of a project management tool or a to-do list? Seems like it does a little of both, but what's its leanings?
Andrew-DavidHunter@andrewdavidj · Co-Founder at Wild Gamut
@jasenf Sorry, I never got notified about this comment for some reason! I'd say that its primary use is definitely project management. You can create and categorize todo lists within each project (like any good project management software would allow you to do) and assign them to various team members, order them by priority, set deadlines, and associate them to project milestones. Using Apollo solely for personal todo lists would be using it wrong in my opinion.
Stephen@stephenalan · PM | USPTO
Needs a video of a demo to build trust. Also needs a PH discount. Cheers!
@stephenalan Well said Stephen! Any new free trial started from 5 to 12 Nov gets a 50% discount on the first yearly plan. Anyone interested just needs to mention Product Hunt to contact@applicomhq.com :-)
Mike Arney@mike_arney · Product Designer
@stephenalan Yep. Video is definitely a miss.
Feech@jasenf · SaaS CEO. Cut me and I bleed code.
How have I never seen Apollo? Love investigated PM apps and this one has flown under the radar. Will check it out shortly. What's would you say are its biggest factors that make it different than SmartSheet, etc.
Haoyang Feng@haoyangnz · Product
This GUI is off-putting.