APOD Daily

Auto update your Twitter banner with NASA's Photo of the Day

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Hey, I made this! There are still a lot of kinks to fix, but I'm happy with how it's working most of the time.
@cvalleskey Thanks so much for creating this app!
I absolutely loooove this idea! 😍 I check the NASA APOD app on a weekly basis. Edit: I just set this up and am already happy with it!
At the risk of alienating my nerdy startup friends, I'm not a space enthusiast, but I like the idea of automatically updating the Twitter cover photo. Might be neat to do the same for Twitter profile pics. I've half joked about changing my profile pic very subtly over a 30 day time period to see if anyone notices.
@rrhoover it's refreshing. I like opening Twitter everyday and seeing a new photo, especially of something as mesmerizing as space. Today's photo was extra breathtaking (example here https://twitter.com/ApodDaily).