Instantly build APIs in seconds from your database schema

Apisentris is a platform that turns database schema into RESTful API. Apisentris is built with developer-in-mind. It makes you develop APIs effectively and easily although you don't understand progamming language.

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Hello Product Hunters, Ardian here. In the beginning I built an API generator to help my big brother - is from non-IT background - that he want to integrate some application services in his office. I started to think if anyone else out there has similar problem, don't have enough programming knowledge but want to quick start providing APIs for their cloud services or just want to learn non-backend development things. Apisentris want to solve situation above with these MVP features: - Generate RESTful API from any MySQL database (coming soon for other databases) - SQL Queries * Ordering * Limit and Paging * Filtering * Association / Table Join * Create, Update & Delete - API usage statistics - Whitelist access by domain or IP addresse It is my very first product and I'm bootstrapping it as a side-project for now but I'm encourage to ship everyday even though it is a small improvement or minor bug fixes. If you have some thoughts to make this product better, please let me know :) Thank you so much for your time. Foot note: - Integration Example (HTML, CSS, JQuery): http://absyah.com/apisentris/dem... - Report an Issue and/or Feature Request: * Github: https://github.com/apisentris/pu... * Twitter: https://twitter.com/ApisentrisHQ * Email: ardian@apisentris.com