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The main idea behind it is that you could create dynamic structured content on-the-fly - we call it Models. Need to note that besides this, you have a powerful presentation layer allowing you to program Models displaying with templating language built in. Everything in the browser. Think of it as Shopify, but for any type of business websites.

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Hello! My name is Igor and I'm the creator of APIQ - Ruby on Rails CMS. APIQ is your best choice for designing and creating custom content backend. This is what well-known as custom content types/models. The idea behind it is to install it wherever you want and "forget" :-) All dynamic parts could be done in admin section. Some features need to mention: - You can create custom content types/models on-the-fly - You can use embedded simple and powerful templating language - Combining previous you can use your models in Pages accessing them via templating language It was released as open source project a few months ago. Next planned thing is to have it as cloud-based (SaaS) system.
@igor_petrov Isn't your product the same as GraphCMS https://graphcms.com/ ?
@yejutard No, in opposite to GraphCMS, APIQ is not just about Data/Content layer, but also have a Presentation layer built-in so it doesn't separate data and app
Current updates: recently we’ve opened public beta version of APIQ Cloud. So everything is free while in beta. Would love to hear feedback and get first customers!
@igor_petrov I see that your product is now available to the public, can you share any examples of sites created with it during the beta? 👩🏾‍💻
@abadesi Yes, for example this one: http://test.apiq.io/. This was created as part of blog post about how to create own blog very quickly: https://www.apiq.io/2017/09/26/h...