Design and Mock API + code SDK + Auto Documentation

#2 Product of the DaySeptember 25, 2016
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Apimint lets you to quickly design working API frameworks. You give a path for your endpoint and give some mock data, and voila the endpoint is live on the internet! It takes less than a minute to create a working endpoint with Apimint. https://medium.com/@BansalRijul/... You can use it to build proof of concepts, iterate API frameworks and collaborate with frontend and backend teams. All without writing a line of code. Like a product, APIs should be designed, prototyped and iterated upon before your team writes even a line of code. Apimint can do lot more! 1. Strong team features with user level access control. 2. Automatic API documentation - Share documentation with built in sample requests and smile as your teams work frictionlessly! 3. Automatic code generation - Apimint supports code generation in 10+ languages. You can generate entire client and server SDKs. This reduces your turnaround time significantly. Ahoy increased efficiency! 4. API sandbox - Built in tool for quickly experimenting with APIs 5. Import/Export from Swagger and Postman
This is either VERY awesome or my poor lil' generalist brain confused some of the functionality here. @bansalrijul @kwdinc
This looks awesome! Will def be trying this out.
Checkout some details about taking design first approach with Apimint. https://medium.com/@BansalRijul/...
@elizabethhunker, hehe :D! Apimint is a simple tool, trying to prototype your backend. Let me know where you are stuck.