Largest API directory

Hey Everyone, API Food is a project to gather as much APIs as possible and allowing to browse them easily and quickly. The data is from publicapis.com, programmableweb.com and personal entries. I'm thinking in some improvements: allow people to submit new APIs, categorization etc. Would love to hear feedback!
@nico_lrx You could add: filters, categories, most rated & link to docs :)
@pojda Thank you Thiago, sounds good!
Really nice collection. Thanks! :)
@oleg_avrah Thank you Oleg, I'm glad you like it ;)
This looks amazing 😃
@nagra__ Thank you Kam :D
Is this just a list of APIs that links to PublicAPIs ? Everything I've clicked on just goes to that site Also I feel like this site could do with some pretty-ing up - the descriptions often dont fit in the box and the images/thumbnails don't really fit well either
@bentossell Thanks for the feedback. The data comes from publicapis.com, programmableweb.com and me :)
Was gonna suggest Mashape marketplace but seems like PublicAPIs is owned by Mashape as well. Although Mashape marketplace lets you test the API endpoint in the site itself (like if you click on one of the APIs) which I like. Also another suggestion is to have more colour contrast between description and background (tiles with white backgrounds hurts the eyes haha). But nice job - this looks pretty awesome overall! :)
@alyssaong1337 Thanks for the feedback Alyssa!