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Hello Hunters :) Really happy to present you the first beta of APIcur.io made by @eric_wittmann! It's a product for all the API designers out there. You can visually build your APIs, define the endpoints and the different resources... all powered by a nice UI, and OpenAPI underneath. This should be your tool of choice when starting an API project. And: it's Open Source, so you can contribute. Take a look at the upcoming roadmap http://www.apicur.io/roadmap/
Thanks for the post, @picsoung! The goal of the project is to create a full featured Open Source API design studio (based on OpenAPI). We have a long way to go of course, but I think the beta is already reasonably useful and easy to use. The roadmap is long and we have extensive plans in the space, but I'd like to just mention a couple of items that I think are important: 1. Don't need to know the OpenAPI syntax - everything can be done via the Visual Editor 2. Validate as you go - the API document will be validated as changes are made 3. Collaboration via GitHub (currently) 4. Optional source editing (only JSON right now, YAML coming) ** Note ** The current version is backed by GitHub (your OpenAPI document must be stored there) and browser local storage. There is no server component (yet!). The down-side to this is that we could not use OAuth for authentication. Instead, you must provide your GitHub credentials which we use to create a Personal Access Token. This token is stored in browser local storage and your credentials are thrown away. We understand that this is certainly not ideal and we will be addressing this issue as soon as we have a proper back-end server (and can thus use a simple OAuth web flow for authentication). In any case, we'd love it if you could give the studio a try and let us know what you think. The best way to make an open source project as strong as possible is to engage with the community. We love getting feedback, ideas, and especially contributions! :)