Reliable uptime and performance monitoring for your services

Monitoring for your website or API with realtime insights & get alerts via email, Slack, SMS, WebHook when it is down. Including: Status Pages, SSL monitoring, Open API, Global Latency verification, Application Grouping and consolidated dashboard
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Hey Product Hunters! 👋 I'm Alex, a 23yo developer from Belarus and I'm very excited to launch the ApiChecker - the side project that was built in evenings/at weekends after normal 9-5 work😉! This is my first side project ever 💪 and I hope not the last one 🙂 ApiChecker is currently targets individuals and startups for API or WebSite monitoring and should cover all basic needs. Here's a list of main features that should help you to monitor your services: - 🏷Uptime and Performance monitoring - 🚨 Slack, Email, SMS, WebHook alerts for you and your team - 🌏 Using different locations around the globe for monitoring - 🙅‍♀️No false positive alerts, all failures get verified few times from different servers/datacenters for prevent any false positive events. - 🔐 SSL certificate monitoring (by default, for every HTTPS monitor) - 💻 Customizable Status Pages. (you even can just use iframe widget). Demo here: https://status.apichecker.com - 📦 Grouping by Applications. So you can monitor more than one application and see insights for every app separately - 🛠Open API (based on GraphQL) for every user. With API's for stop monitoring during releases or deployments of your service. - 📱PWA support - so it's totally mobile friendly, you even can install ApiChecker on your mobile directly from dashboard. PH LAUNCH SPECIAL I tried to keep it really cheap ($4.99 per month) and made special 25% discount for you guys on our Basic and Business plan using coupon code PRODUCTHUNT at checkout (for both monthly and yearly plans)😼 Let me know what do you think about this product. And please feel free to ask any questions that you may have 🧐
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I've been using this to service to monitor my apps since March 2019. Alex sharing a screenshot of it on our local telegram group, and I was hooked. Really great so far!


Simple and easy to use, beautiful and cheap. ApiChecker have all basic features (and even more) and Alex provide great customer support 🤝


Haven't run into any. But probably in future just add more integrations?

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Thanks a lot for your review! Yep, more integrations support is definitely in our roadmap 💪
Hi @alex_lobanov ! Congrats on the great product. Any plans to add pre and post hooks like Runscope has?
@dmmd Thanks! Definitely yes, but probably a bit later. Currently on roadmap: 1. Incidents support (I think it's most requested feature) 2. Support additional type of auth on monitors (like OAuth) 3. Add ability to enable/disable certain locations for monitoring. As Currently we balancing requests between ALL available regions/servers, just to ensure that your WebSite or API is available worldwide. But today I noticed that some people actually don't need monitoring from certain locations. 4. Also need to simplify the onboarding flow (as I understand from user metrics). And probably improve the UI/UX side a bit. And after that I planned to implement pre-post hooks, similar to Runscope (but probably basic implementation only). Runscope actually very powerful tool - with a lot of other features, but I think it's a bit expensive (imho) :)
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