Create your own Netflix with a few lines of code!

api.video is a scalable microservice that lets developers integrate video with only a few lines of code. Because the camera is the new keyboard, it is our mission to democratize content. Video is the richest form of communication: api.video makes streaming easy and accessible for all.

  • Pros: 

    - dead simple API!

    - SDKs (waiting for NodeJS ^^)

    - no config: an AI produces the best video (up to 4K, AES 128bits, tokenized URLs...)


    - only PHP (other SDKs are coming soon)

    - no setting / fine tuning on encodings (thats the point of the product, yet.. who knows)

    This seems to be a dev friendly product that responds well to the problem "how to deal with video when you don't have time and when you can not use YouTube".. I've not tested it yet but it seems that videos can be available immediately after uploading.. which is nice..

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  • Pros: 

    -straightforward api


    -cost is much too high

    Compare to api.video pricing to Mux:



    For a 1 min/100 view video:

    - Mux's Encoding/Hosting/Streaming Cost = $.173

    - api.video Encode/Hosting/Streaming Cost = $.450

    It's almost three times the cost and with less features.

    Ben has used this product for one day.
Hey Product Hunt! Thanks so much to @chrismessina for hunting us 🙌 While camera is "the new keyboard", integrating and managing video is still a complicated process. That's why we built api.video: a scalable webservice with an API based on the REST standard. We encode your videos very (VERY!) fast, up to 4k, to facilitate their immediate playback and enhance your viewers experiences on multiple devices and platforms. Finally, because security is critical today, we secure all your videos using AES 128bit encryption by default and deliver them through our own CDN. I'd love to get your feedback on the API and opinions about the SDK we should add! Cheers
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Hello Cedric and Josh, that's really interesting! I would highly recommend adding some type of 'demo' links we could check out to get an idea of what the final result could be. @themolitor & @jschuller did this quite well for Rivyt: https://rivyt.com/preview
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@themolitor @jschuller @guillaumebardet Hi Guillaume, Thanks for the feedback! The video on the homepage (https://api.video) has been encoded with the API. Plus we add a $20 credit on all accounts these days to users who want to try the service. Finally, we will provide a web based demo app to drag and drop a video and watch the result immediately after :) Best
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http://prntscr.com/k4d9iw Sorry Man, this price is sick... : \
@wierzciu Hi Michał ! Thanks for your feedback. This may be the cost if ALL the views are 100% completed and if all of them are in 4K. Which represents a lot of Gb. ! What would have been a better pricing model according to you?