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Convert your API to Alexa skill or Google Home app in 5 mins

Convert your REST API to a voice application for Alexa or Google assistant in few minutes.

Check out this video were we create an Alexa skill for product hunt in 3 minutes.

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Hi everyone,
Check out this video where we create an Alexa skill for product hunt in 3 minutes. Api to bot helps you create voice applications for Alexa and Google assistant without coding. Convert your REST API to a voice application in few minutes. Voice applications are starting to become more and more mainstream everyday. With Alexa, the entrance of Google Home and other major players in the industry, the developer community is growing quickly. Unfortunately, each platform requires its own set of rules for integration. Building interaction models and handling server requests requires lots of repetition and wasted development time for engineers looking to hack together a personal skill or an organization on-boarding their own API to these platforms. Get ahead of your competitors and create a voice application for Alexa and Google Assistant in just a few minutes using Api to bot. Give your users another reason to love your product.
Now this is very very cool! I've created Alexa skills in the past and the process is quite clunky. Going to give this a go :)
@sanath_p Just did a quick run through the setup - didn't input valid details just yet but the process was very smooth. Will have a proper play around with it later, but so far so good!
This is amazing! Had me up and running in literally 5 minutes! If possible, a direct (one sentence) intent option would be cool. (Ex: "Alexa, ask APPNAME to do QUERYNAME"). Thanks!
@colemusique Hi, all your intents can be triggered in one sentence too. Try this format "Alexa, ask {appName} to {a user utterance declared in your intent}". Please let me know if you have any other questions.
@sanath_p Awesome! This solves all my problems. Congrats on such an amazing product <3
Awesome, congrats!

Cool app


Useful, saves time