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Hey, just a quick question. Do you provide any features over Postman?
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@niranjan_sukumaran Just had the same thought
@adam_kelly @niranjan_sukumaran there are a couple differences. 1 big one is where the tests execute from. Postman is a browser plugin that tests from your local machine. API Tester tests from an AWS data center.
@niranjan_sukumaran Short answer: Yes. I love Postman, but we think that our tester allows for much more complex multi-endpoint testing all run in the cloud. And we let you share the results of tests through sharable links. Here's an example I created during our internal testing: https://apitester.com/shared/run... We also have a pretty powerful javascript scripting that lets you do all the things we don't already do. Here's a simple example of using our javascript step to fill-in functionality: https://apitester.com/shared/che...
@ricky_smith @niranjan_sukumaran Yeah okay, I'll give it a bookmark
API Tester is a cloud-based testing framework for developers and engineers. It allows you to build and save scripts for testing the speed, reliability, and functionality of APIs. Oh yeah, it's FREE!
same as and easier to use : https://w3webtool.com/api-test . try it ok
Hi Product Hunters! We're surprised and excited and terrified to be listed on PH just a few days after our beta launch. We've been so heads-down with it that it's a little surreal seeing real people use it. We've been working on testing/monitoring service for a long time and we think that our interface makes testing really complex API workflows surprisingly (even deceivingly) easy. That kind of dead-simple interface on top of a good cloud infrastructure is something of which we haven't seen much. There are a few features that may not jump out as obvious, but really make the tester sing. The Javascript scripting that is available really opens the door to letting you add functionality to our utility that which we haven't dreamed. Also, the idea that you can make requests based on the results of previous requests lets you have really dynamic tests. Having worked on a few public APIs, it's the kind of thing I wish I had years ago. We know there's a lot of features that developers really want out of an API testing tool and this is really just our first step, so we'll be iterating quite a bit on the beta to make it as useful as possible. As cheesy as it sounds, we can't wait to hear feedback (especially the bad things) to help us drive our changes.
How can this compete with the already established, massively popular, massively awesome and massively free - Postman?
@angus_halen Haha yeah, its a tough market to get into for sure. As soon as I saw this I thought "oh so its kind of like a basic version of Postman"
@angus_halen I love Postman and I use it all the time, but I think our tester will have its place, too. I think our tester lets you to much more complex testing of a whole API and not just focus on a single endpoint. Here's a pretty complex example I used in some of our later internal testing: https://apitester.com/shared/run...
@_jacurtis I think if you dig a little you'll find it's not-so-basic and we'll be iterating on it quickly to add more features we know are important.
Awesome tool! Bookmarked it.
@hristiyandodov Thanks! I'm glad you like it!