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Hi Everyone, As a team we believe in ownership of key components and we designed API Plug to give you total control. We currently support MongoDB & MySQL, and NodeJS and PHP languages. You can easily export your data from Parse and use API Plug to generate your API. We also partnered up with DigitalOcean and can deploy to your droplets with a single click. We also have some credits as gift to get you started. Everyone that comes from PH will get a %20 discount. We will be adding other features and new languages every week. Send me a message on berk@apiplug.com if you want to request a feature. Cheers, Berk
@hexnorify @apiplug great product guys :) Really looking forward to seeing your business take off. Just a kind reminder that screenshots under "3 easy steps" dont reveal anything and they look like they are only filling a space there. Use of a part of a screen would much better explain what those steps look like. Partnering with DO also greatly increases the overall perceived value. Again great job!
@gorkemcetin @hexnorify @apiplug Thanks for your good comments and wishes :) We'll definitely look into that and improve the message given on screenshots with an alternative way.
Awesome product, It was hard to see the movie at my phone but I understand the concept and it seems to be a real time saver. Does it also generate documentation and a dev template where developers can read and see real examples?
@akesoft Yes sure, API Plug analyses your DB structure and according to the tables and fields it automatically generates all necessary crud endpoints with swagger documentation. Then you could download full project source code with documentation. Also waiting for your comments and suggestions after trying on pc, thanks.
Looks promising and I like the pricing model and the ability to create custom code out of the generated one! However, I would recommend to improve the UI a bit
@ttrauser Thank you so much. As you said after auto-generating all crud endpoints, you could add your custom code such as your business logic endpoints on the fly then download the full source code of project in your preferred Language & Framework. You could make maintain and control multiple versions of your API too. Also Docker container is available for output. We are trying to improve our UI but every feature we add makes it a little more complicated :) We would love to hear any suggestions on this too.
Great work on this! 👍 I had a similar idea a while back but never had the time to look more into it, this looks like it could be a real time saver. What sort of options do you have for securing access into the api’s?
@russellbarnard Thank you so much, API Generation was our first layer we are planning to add more layers and tools that could make a developers life easier on backend. Currently working on Authentication layer which will allow some options such as oAuth2.0, Basic Auth etc. for securing your API's and managing your user limitations. Do you have any other suggestions on this or another feature/tool that could be really time saving on backend?
@dorukmolo @russellbarnard I think this feature is a must. Securing API endpoints should be part of the package.
@talkaboutdesign @russellbarnard Yes we believe the same thing, also getting to much request about this feature. We are planning to complete authentication module as soon as possible.
Great stuff , excited to try this out for a few pet projects man :) But why Digital Ocean credits work only for new accounts..? :\
@h_halvi Thanks, would like to hear from you after using API Plug on your projects, we have some other gifts for testimonials :) DO credits were their welcome gift for their new users.