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Hi Product hunt! ApiList.fun was started mainly because every side project I develop or I see started involves some kind of external API so I thought it would be helpful to have a list of all the apis available and have filters to maybe get ideas for new projects by exploring unknown apis.... the site is far from being done since I have to add 1000s of new apis but hopefully will get there, I am planning also to add a ton of filters kind of like @levelsio nomadlist but for apis. Please provide any feedback you have, it will be really helpful. cheers
@levelsio @adamhodara how is this different from the API marketplace that RapidAPI acquired recently?
Hi @orliesaurus thanks for the comment. We are completely different than Mashape, they are a service company that offer solutions to interact with different apis (I believe because I can't even understand what they really do), we are just a simple directory that will hopefully have all the apis in the world
@adamhodara Checkout this Github repo for more list of public APIs https://github.com/toddmotto/pub...
@iamtekeste thanks for the link, I will contact the author of the repo to see if i can collaborate with him in some way
@adamhodara @orliesaurus I was also thinking this was similar to Rapid (I interviewed them recently here: https://getputpost.co/rapids-mar...). One suggestion-- can you organize the APIs around specific use cases? I'd like to be able to search by "email" and find all the related APIs.
I've used this in the past : https://www.programmableweb.com/... But your UI is cleaner :) +1'd
@tyler_james_leonhardt thanks, trying to make it cleaner and also add additional data and filters that programmableweb doesn't offer
What an excellent product. I never knew there was an api for gmail. Makes me think that I can use a standard gmail account for transactional emails in my app and be done with paying for MailGun.
@angus_halen I think you could but they do have a daily limit of sending emails I believe its 1000 per day :)
I forgot to mention, anyone who wants to contribute to the Api List can do it here in this spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsh...
This is a godsend for us developers!
@andrewfturnerjr Will try to keep adding data!